Interview: Krystle Lina

(Photos by: Malachi Banales)


(C+P) — Today I had the pleasure of chatting with our newest swimsuit model, Krystle Lina.  As a Playboy Playmate and CyberGirl, Krystle has been photographed all around the world.  Here’s a peek into her glamorous life.


What is your name, sign and current occupation?

Krystle Lina, Scorpio, professional model and photographer.


Scorpio women are described as intense, mysterious, passionate and stubborn.  Would you say at least some of that is true about you?

I feel like you’re describing me so well right now! Yes! All of those words are very fitting towards my personality. I’m completely stubborn, intense, passionate and mysterious. I even have the word passion tattooed on my side, because I’m such a passionate person with whatever I love.


How did you first get into modeling?

Before I was a model, I was a professional makeup artist working at [a makeup] counter, and a co-worker of mine was doing a lot of makeup in the entertainment industry. She encouraged me all the time to become a model but I was really shy and didn’t think that I could do it. Modeling was something that I always wanted to do, but at that time I was under the impression that only “special people” could live their dreams, I didn’t realize that anyone could do it. My co-worker introduced me to my first photographer and helped me get my first booking, the rest is history. I will always have a special place in my heart for that woman, since I became a model I’ve hit almost every goal that I’ve set for myself.


If you didn’t have a career in the entertainment industry, what would you want to do as a career?

I went to school for Criminal Justice, so I probably would have been working in Law Enforcement, or still doing makeup which is something I really enjoyed.



You have done some acting, do you prefer that over modeling?

I like acting, but I haven’t done as much of that as I have modeling. It’s hard to really give a fair comparison to the two when I’m way more experienced in one field; I definitely enjoy them both.


I also see you have been a Playmate and CyberGirl. What is it like working with Hugh Hefner?

Hef is one of the nicest men that I’ve worked with. I feel like some of the people in this business are so full of themselves, and Hugh Hefner, being one of the most famous men in the world is still by far one of the most humble people you could ever meet.


What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

These questions are always fun for me (sarcasm and a little bit of a laugh), after all my life experiences in this industry alone, it’s so hard for me to plan that far ahead. If you had asked me that while I was going to school, I would have told you that I was going to start off working in corrections, do my time there, work my way up and become a parole officer, I made long term plans then. I had no idea 10 years ago that I would model, get published in Playboy and Maxim, or become a published photographer who shoots Playboy and Maxim models. If you had even asked me five years ago where I would be today, I would have never told you I’d be taking pictures working behind the scenes because that was so not my journey. My life seems to just keep evolving into different things that I never thought I would be able to do or even knew that I wanted to do. Whatever I’m doing in 10 years from now, I hope I’m a success at it and I really hope to inspire others to believe in themselves enough to follow their dreams.


You have a fantastic body, what do you do to stay so fit?

First, I would like to thank you for that compliment! (Huge smile!) Second, I do work out, I didn’t always work out though. I’ve been pretty active my whole life so I think that’s how I managed to stay somewhat lean, but I didn’t start getting into the gym until this year honestly. I have a lot of friends in the fitness world who compete that have kind of changed the way I think about things as far as my body is concerned, and these days I think it’s fun to work out and go to the gym.



Even though you look incredible, I’m sure you have an occasional diet cheat. What’s your favorite sneaky snack?

I have a cheat day every day! [Haha] Literally, I eat ice cream or some form of dessert every single day.


What do you think is your best physical asset?

Hopefully my personality! Your looks can only take you so far, but if I had to seriously pick a best physical asset, I’ve been told that my eyes are my best feature.


What about your best personality asset? 

I’d like to think that I’m pretty funny, I usually keep myself laughing in conversations with other people.


If there were one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be, if anything?

I would totally be an astronaut, seems way more interesting than being a model.


As a model, you must travel a lot. Where is your favorite place in the world to be in front of the camera?

I have traveled quite a bit over the years because of my job and I’m blessed to have been able to see some cool places. My top three favorite places that I’ve been to are London, New York and Atlanta, but my favorite place to be in front of the camera is right here at home in LA.


You no doubt get a lot of attention from the guys, what’s the best pickup line you’ve ever heard?

My favorite meaning the worst pickup line that I’ve ever heard was, “Nice shoes wanna f*@k?!” Seriously?! Like, does that even work on anyone?!



Yikes! So what should a guy say if he really wants to get to know you? What do you look for in a man you might actually date?

If a guy wants to get to know me, I really like when they actually get to know me. Don’t ask me to come over to your house and watch a movie. To be honest, I probably won’t even hang out with you for a while until you’ve spent some time talking on the phone with me. I’m really particular about who I share my time with. Most guys text, but if someone really likes you, they will take the time to pick up the phone and actually call you, and have an intelligent conversation with you. I love to talk, so if you’re a talker, and you actually have interesting things to say, I might hang out with you. Currently, I’m taken so I’m not even on the market. But when I am single, I’m extremely picky about who I let into my life, I think everyone should be picky, because it’s your life. One last thing, I think it’s important for men to understand this, looks are NOT the end all, be all! Women with any type of substance want a man who’s smart, and funny, looks will only take you so far. Hope you enjoyed reading my interview. 🙂


Krystle is much more than a classic beauty with a figure that’s sweet on the eye, she is a truly down-to-earth and honest young woman. Intense, passionate and mysterious do indeed describe this unforgettable Scorpio perfectly.



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